The II European Latvian Economic Forum INDUSTRIAL rEVOLUTION 4.0

ISSP UL Deputy Director of science Andris Šternbergs participated in the II European Latvian Economic Forum INDUSTRIAL rEVOLUTION 4.0: Digital Economics, Data Protection & Compliance Best-Practice in Riga, Latvia on September 7-8. The forum was organized by Institute of Economics and Latvian Academy of Sciences.

This event serves as a platform for the exchange of experience and cooperation of scientists, entrepreneurs and politicians (B2S2P), stimulating the entry of local and foreign investment to the country and region, and their contribution to the development of an innovative national economy in a long term.

II European Latvian Economic Forum aimed to pay special attention to the information and communication technologies (ICT) used in all spheres of the national economy, and to the usage of European resources in the era of digital economy, contributing to the strengthening of Latvia’s leading positions in the smart technologies industry.


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