Advancements in gallium oxide thin film research: ISSP UL scientists participate at IWGO 2024

Two leading researchers from the ISSP UL Thin Films Laboratory, Edgars Butanovs and Mārtiņš Zubkins, participated in the 5th International Workshop on Gallium Oxide and Related Materials (IWGO), held in Berlin, Germany, from May 26 to 31. IWGO is a premier international forum for Ga2O3 and related materials, focusing on new physics and oxide-related technology developments.

The ISSP UL researchers presented their findings on the "Impact of temperature and film thickness on α- and β-phase formation in Ga2O3 thin films on a-plane sapphire" and "Deposition of Ga2O3 and ZnGa2O4 thin films by liquid metal target sputtering." They actively engaged in discussions with leading experts on gallium oxide materials and devices from around the world, establishing new contacts for potential future collaborations.

The conference provided an excellent platform to showcase the ISSP UL’s expertise in the growth and characterization of gallium oxide thin films, acquired through the implementation of two national projects on the material over the past three years. The significance of international networking in this field has been demonstrated previously by the successful Horizon Europe project proposal "SAFEPOWER" on Ga2O3 and SiC power electronics. This project was recently awarded to a consortium with partners from Spain, France, the UK, Italy, and Latvia. It is scheduled to commence on October 1, 2024, and will span four years.

Over six days, 219 participants from 24 countries attended IWGO 2024. The packed program covered topics ranging from processing to theory/modelling, including characterization, polymorphism, bulk growth, and devices.

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