ISSP UL’s researchers explored innovations in thin film coating technologies at the 67th SVC Technical Conference and educational courses

Representatives from the ISSP UL’s Thin Films Laboratory, Dr. Phys. Mārtiņš Zubkins, Edvards Strods, and Viktors Vibornijs participated in the 67th Society of Vacuum Coaters (SVC) Technical Conference and SVC Education courses held in Chicago (USA) from May 4th to 9th.

Mārtiņš Zubkins delivered an oral presentation on his research titled ’Yttrium oxyhydride thin films: synthesis, optical, and photochromic properties’ and engaged in two courses: ’Characterization of Thick Films, Thin Films, and Surfaces’ and ’Basics of Vacuum Web Coating’.

Edvards Strods presented a poster on his research, ‘Ga2O3 and ZnGa2O4 Thin Films Deposited by Liquid Metal Target Sputtering,’ which won the conference’s ‘Best Poster’ award. He also attended two courses: ‘Fundamentals of High Power Impulse Magnetron Sputtering—HIPIMS’ and ‘Thin Film Debugging and Optimization.’

Researchers aimed to demonstrate expertise in photochromic film production and ISSP UL’s infrastructure, explore collaboration opportunities, and gain insights into thin film characterization, crucial for CAMART2 R&D&I activities focusing on thin films and coating technologies. Furthermore, by attending the mentioned courses, the aim was to enhance their understanding of High Power Impulse Magnetron Sputtering, since ISSP UL possesses the equipment required to utilize this sputtering mode and deepen their knowledge of web coating technologies, given ISSP UL’s upcoming installation of a new web roll-to-roll coating system for chromatic film deposition.

At the conference, ISSP UL’s researchers established a valuable connection with Dr. Pandurang Ashrit, an expert in chromatic coatings and Head of Department at Université de Moncton, Canada, and Dr. Manuela Junghähnel, Director at Fraunhofer IZM, Germany and an expert in chromatic coatings. ISSP UL was introduced to representatives from the European Society of Thin Films, including Dr. tech Udo Klotzbach from Germany, and KET Market GmbH, represented by Tech. Director Andre Wahl from Germany, as well as Joe Papalia, President of Deposition Technology Innovations from USA.

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