ISSP team visits Pulsar Optics in Daugavpils to exchange experience in injection molding

Dr. sc. ing. Gatis Mozoļevskis, the head of the ISSP UL’s Micro and Nanodevices Laboratory, and Dr. phys. Ainārs Ozols, representing the ISSP UL Development Department, visited Pulsar Optics in Daugavpils to discuss practical implementations of injection molding and experience with machine maintenance.

Ainārs Ozols presented ISSP UL industrial services under the brand name Materize, established within the scope of the Camart2 project, and discussed thin film coating possibilities with the Pulsar Optics team. The purpose of this meeting was to showcase the knowledge of the ISSP UL researchers and available infrastructure, actively participate in the platform work, and offer the ISSP UL expertise for future cooperation.

Pulsar Optics is part of the Yukon group. Headquartered in Lithuania, it produces thermal imaging optics and digital night and day vision devices for civil use. To expand its operations, Yukon Advanced Optics Worldwide Group has established Pulsar Optics in Latvia to assemble the world-renowned thermal imaging devices under the Pulsar brand.