Visits to companies for possible collaboration

Representative from ISSP UL MATERIZE sales unit visited OPI Photonics company, “Centro estero internalizzazione Piemonte” and Microla Optoelectronics in Torino, Italy with the aim to present MATERIZE activities and discuss about possibilities of collaboration.

OPI Photonics is a dynamic Italian SME located in Torino (North-West Italy). OPI takes advantage of over 20 years of experience in photonics to develop high power multi-emitter laser diode sources and innovative devices for kilowatt laser beam management (combining, coupling, delivery and switching).

OPI’s flexible technological approach allows the seamless coexistence of off-the-shelf and dedicated solutions, up to personalized approaches in which OPI accompanies the customers from the design phase, to the realization of prototypes, and then to volume production.

Centro estero internalizzazione Piemonte is the first Italian regional body dedicated to internationalization. Its commitment is to support companies in developing new models of international growth, to guarantee innovative training to face the global market and help foreign companies and investors to discover the excellence of our territory and to settle in Piedmont.

Microla Optoelectronics was founded in July 2006 as a spin-off of the Polytechnic of Turin proposing solid-state laser sources to the market. The company is the result of the commitment of a group of engineers and physicists united by the idea that the laser in industrial use can be one of the main engines of economic recovery in Italy. Microla operates actively in all production sectors, making available its optical, electronic and long experience in laser micro-machining processes.