Visiting Austrian microfluidics companies

At the beginning of August, ISSP UL’s Materize unit representatives visited high-tech and organ-on-chip companies in Austria to introduce them to ISSP UL’s fields of expertise and services.

A successful meeting was with Brave Analytics GMBH, which develops and delivers lab and PAT solutions for particle characterization for researchers, academics and the biotech and pharmaceutical industries. The company was interested in cooperation with ISSP UL, especially in Micro and nanofabrication and possible mutual Horizon projects.

Another meeting was arranged with the company Norganoid. The company focuses on the development of the Nano-Lab-System, which is a multifunctional, artificial intelligence-enabled device using a patented fluidic approach. It facilitates automated engineering of complex human tissues like the brain, blood-brain barrier, kidney, or liver from induced pluripotent stem cells. Closer collaboration with ISSP UL’s Micro and Nanodevices Laboratory could be developed.

Materize representatives had a helpful meeting with TTTech company, which was founded as a spin-off of the Technical University of Vienna. Their core technologies are based on 30 years of research in Europe and the US. Potential future collaboration in chip design was discussed.

In Salzburg, Materize had a meeting with the Micrtofludics (organ-on-chip) hub, which includes about 20 Austrian companies. The ISSP UL’s capabilities were presented during the meeting, and the participants agreed on the next steps.

Another meeting in Vienna was with Covirabio, a spin-off company from the Peter Ertl group that works with industry-compatible materials. Possible cooperation could be in the form of joint Horizon projects.

During the visit, Materize representatives gained good experience and deeper insight into the Vienna Organ-On-Chip and Bio-Medical solution market. This visit highlighted the ISSP UL expertise directions, which could be developed in this market in future.