Microscopy Laboratory researchers visit Swedish colleagues

In February, leading researchers from ISSP UL’s Microscopy Laboratory, Krišjānis Šmits and Reinis Ignatāns, visited three Swedish universities to gain knowledge about the management models used in Swedish electron microscopy laboratories, understand the possibilities of electron microscopy in Sweden and make new contacts.

The first stop was at Uppsala University. Researchers were taken on a tour in Ångström laboratories, where they discussed ion beam technologies with Anders Hallen at the Ion Technology Centre. Later Latvian scientists visited the Uppsala Myfab Cleanroom and met with Stefan Nyren to learn about clean rooms, their equipment, and management in Uppsala. The first day of the trip ended with a visit to the Applied Material Science department, where they had in-depth discussions with Fredric Ericsson about the electron microscopy group in Uppsala.

The second day of the visit to Sweden was spent at Linköping University and its Departments of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Thin Film Physics. Latvian researchers had an opportunity to visit the Per Persson microscopy group and have scientific discussions with the electron microscopy group in Linköping, and receive an introduction to the ARTEMI microscopy center. Krišjānis Šmits and Reinis Ignatāns participated in scientific discussions and presentations and talked about the daily management of the microscopy facility, equipment possibilities, and potential collaborations. This was a very productive day as they gained valuable knowledge about the different microscopy facilities available and the opportunities for cooperation.

The final day of the Swedish tour was devoted to visiting the Electrum SEM/TEM facilities at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology. ISSP UL researchers had a scientific discussion with Jonas Weissenrieder focusing on EELS and time-resolved electron microscopy. They also discussed the potential for cooperation in the field of time-resolved EELS. Later in the day, Latvian guests had a planned visit to the Division of Corrosion Science RSEM and talked with Inger Odnevall about electron microscopy equipment management and sharing in the whole KTH.