ISSP UL researchers among the receivers of the LAS Certificates of Acknowledgement

On April 27, in a special ceremony, the president of the Latvian Academy of Sciences (LAS), Ivars Kalviņš, presented the certificates of acknowledgement to scientists for their achievements in 2022.

At the spring plenary meeting of the LAS, several groups of scientists and individual researchers who participated in the 2022 scientific achievements competition organized by the LAS, but did not make it among the twelve laureates, received certificates of acknowledgement from the President of the LAS. Several scientists from the ISSP UL were among them.

The leading researcher from the Laboratory of Computer Modeling of Electronic Structures, Dr. phys. Roberts Eglītis received the certificate for theoretical prediction of new material properties for technologically important applications. This research was carried out together with Prof. Ran Jia.

A certificate of acknowledgement was also presented to a group of scientists for their discovery of a new solution for the low-cost production of white light OLED devices. Among the group members representing Riga Technical University and the Latvian Institute of Organic Synthesis were also researchers from the Institute of Solid State Physics, University of Latvia – Dr. phys. Aivars Vembris and Bc. Alise Štucere from the Laboratory of Organic Materials.

During the ceremony, the LAS Young Scientist awards were also presented. ISSP UL’s research assistant from the Spectroscopy Laboratory, Rihards Ruska, received the LAS Young Scientists Award for his master’s thesis “Visible and infrared luminescence in aluminum nitride materials” (Supervisor Dr. habil. phys. Baiba Bērziņa). Young researcher from EXAFS Spectroscopy Laboratory, Inga Pudža, received the LAS Ludvigs and Māris Jansons prize in physics for her doctoral thesis “The effect of local structure on the thermochromic properties of copper molybdate and its solid solutions" (supervisor Dr. phys. Alexei Kuzmin).

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