FM&NT-2020 conference is postponed

FM&NT-2020 organizers are greatly concerned about the developing situation with the rapid worldwide spread of coronavirus COVID-19. Yesterday both Lithuanian govern­ment and Vilnius University announced the directions to cancel or postpone the planned public activities till the end of April 2020, not to go abroad without an urgency, etc.

Since our primary task is the safety of participants of FM&NT-2020, we decided to post­pone the conference. Now we are stopping the registration, hotel booking, etc. We will follow the situation with coronavirus and inform all the participants when it will be possi­ble to resume the conference. We would like to assure all the people who have sent abstracts to FM&NT-2020 or already registered, that no one will be forgotten and any information you sent to us will remain safe and secure.


For any question please contact: