EuroNanoLab meeting

EuroNanoLab consortium meeting was held in TU Delft, Netherlands on December 2-3 and focused towards application development for ESFRI roadmap. Partners from 14 countries representing 40 nanofabrication centres providing world-class nanofabrication service and expertise for exploratory research to academic or industrial users. These centres host any external user through an open-access mode (without selection or requiring cooperation with a local researcher). Its core partners are cleanroom networks that have been working with this model for 15 years (myfab in Sweden, NorFab in Norway, Renatech in France, It-fab in Italy).

EuroNanoLab activities currently are focused on understanding needs of various user communities including quantum computing, nano-bio, 2D materials. Goal is to understand what nanofabrication challenges are that can be solved by distributed nanofabrication infrastructure presented by consortium.