Deputy Director for Innovation talks about the ISSP UL and innovations on youth radio

Within the scope of the CAMART2 project, the ISSP UL takes every chance to talk to the younger generation of people. The Institute’s Deputy Director for Innovation and leading researcher of EXAFS Spectroscopy Laboratory Dr.phys. Andris Anspoks was a guest at EHR (European Hit Radio, whose main audience are people under 40) program “Nākotnes Formula” (Future Formula) on September 30.

On the program, A. Anspoks explained what role science and the research institutes play in the national economy and in the development of innovations. He also told the listeners about the things researchers at the ISSP UL do, how collaborations between the researchers and universities, the private, and the public sectors develop, and what future job opportunities open up for biologists, chemists and physicists. The listeners learned about Latvia’s success stories and the possibilities to find well-paid jobs in STEM fields in Latvia.

"Nākotnes Formula” focuses on the interaction between people and the world of technology. It addresses issues concerning both innovation and user experience, as well as issues of social sustainability and personal development related to the life of today’s people in a world that is constantly being influenced and changed by technology. The program is broadcasted on two commercial radio stations - EHR, EHR Superhits, which are part of EHR media group. The stations are the most popular choice for the audience under 40.

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