Training at RIX-STO collaboration platform partners RISE.

Representatives from ISSP UL’s Thin Films Laboratory (Boris Polyakov) and Laboratory of Organic Materials (Kaspars Pudžs and Anete Bērziņa) visited RIX-STO collaboration platform partners Digital System Department Smart Hardware Unit Printed Electronics, RISE in Norrköping, Sweden on October 11-15.

The purpose of the visit was to participate in a functional ink-jet printing training and to test new functional inks in facilities of RISE, Digital System Department Smart Hardware Unit Printed Electronics.

Recently ISSP UL has initiated implementation of two projects (“Functional ink-jet printing of wireless energy systems” and “Optical gas sensor”), were functional ink-jet printing is used. It is important for ISSP UL’s researchers to accumulate knowledge and know-how in the field of functional ink-jet printing, which become possible through training and knowledge exchange with RISE scientists.