School students visit the ISSP UL for the annual Job Shadow Day

On April 4, the ISSP UL was filled with the annual Job Shadow Day participants. As the day unfolded, 17 eager shadows roamed the corridors of ISSP UL, eager to unravel the mysteries of solid-state physics. From the cutting-edge Optical Materials Laboratory to the intricate workings of the Microscopy Laboratory, each corner of the institute offered a glimpse into scientific inquiry. The job shadows immersed themselves in the world of research, absorbing knowledge like sponges as they interacted with researchers and delved into the forefront of scientific innovation.

The job shadows had the privilege of shadowing professionals from various disciplines, including the Organic Materials Laboratory and the Energy Materials Laboratory. Guided by experts in their fields, they gained invaluable insights into the complex processes and groundbreaking research projects underway at ISSP UL. The exchange of ideas flowed seamlessly as the shadows posed thoughtful questions, reflecting their genuine passion for science.

The day was brimmed with excitement and discovery. Each interaction and experiment fueled the students’ curiosity, igniting a newfound passion for scientific exploration. As Job Shadow Day 2024 ended, the sounds of laughter and conversation hung in the air, showing how much this experience meant to everyone involved.

Looking back on Job Shadow Day 2024, the ISSP UL is filled with optimism for the future of science in Latvia. A new generation of scientists, nurtured by curiosity and inspired by the wonders of the universe, will choose the career of a researcher.