Participation in Photonics Partnership Annual Meeting 2023

On April 26-27, the leading researcher from ISSP UL’s Laboratory of Optical Materials, Dr.phys. Aivars Vembris participated in the Photonics Partnership Annual Meeting, which focused on critical value chains for Europe’s strategic autonomy. The event took place in Brussels, Belgium.

Participants of the event had a chance to engage in shaping the future of Photonics in Europe, network with their peers from the European photonics community, and get the latest information on photonics in the European Chips Act.

The meeting was significant as new challenges and research topics related to photonics direction were discussed. In the two-day conference, two challenges Europe currently faces were discussed: 1) supply chain issues, including in photonics, and 2) the challenges of quantum photonics. During the meeting, two road maps were presented, one related to Europe’s more detailed challenges for 2025-2028, "Securing Europe’s strategic autonomy through Photonics", and one for the challenges of integrated photonics, "White Paper on Integrated Photonics". Based on the first document, possible calls for the year 2025 were reviewed.

During the meeting, the ISSP UL representative established new contacts. One of them could be engaged in writing new European projects on solar cells.

Program of the meeting