ISSP UL develops a training program on hydrogen technologies for energy sector specialists

When facing climate and energy challenges, the latest technologies are required. To prepare the industry for these challenges, the ISSP UL has developed a unique training program on hydrogen technologies and their applications for energy companies, “Topical aspects of hydrogen for the energy company”. The program’s first participants, Latvenergo AS specialists, graduated in mid-September.

The training was supported by the ERDF under a contract signed in December 2022 for training in hydrogen, carbon technologies and innovation.

From December 2022 to September 2023, 12 employees of Latvenergo AS, whose daily work is related to research and innovation issues, environmental management, inspection, and technical services of hydroelectric and thermal power plants, learned about hydrogen and technology solutions in the energy sector under the guidance of ISSP UL scientists.

The course consisted of 5 modules, each dedicated to a different topic: 1) overview of the hydrogen industry, 2) hydrogen production, 3) hydrogen storage and transportation, 4) further use of the produced hydrogen, and 5) risks and challenges. A total of 15 sessions were organized.

During the training, the ISSP UL researchers explained to Latvenergo employees the impact of different aspects of the hydrogen industry on the energy sector business areas and tools to study and manage these impacts in a targeted way. The participants also learned about the carbon-free and low-carbon economy, green hydrogen and its use to reduce carbon emissions.

Hydrogen technology has the potential to provide solutions to today’s climate and energy challenges and to offer a new course in economics. The training program developed by the ISSP UL provided valuable insights into these issues for technical and scientific staff, product development specialists, and company management.

The director of the ISSP UL, Dr. phys. Andris Anspoks: "One of the research areas of the ISSP UL is energy harvesting and storage, including hydrogen and its technologies. We are really proud that we could transfer our knowledge to one of the largest companies in Latvia – Latvenergo AS. The ISSP UL will continue to grow our research capacity in hydrogen technology, and we look forward to further cooperation."

Participants gained an in-depth understanding of hydrogen technologies, the hydrogen cycle from extraction to meeting customer needs, the opportunities and challenges of using hydrogen as an energy source and carrier, its requirements and impact on infrastructure, safety challenges posed by hydrogen and the skills to manage the risks associated with using this energy resource.

The close cooperation between the ISSP UL and Latvenergo AS in promoting hydrogen solutions will continue with the international Hydrogen X Future Hackathon, dedicated to hydrogen and renewable energy.