ISSP UL and the Institute of Electronics and Computer Science seek future collaboration

On March 25, Director Modris Greitāns and Deputy Director Kaspars Ozols from the Institute of Electronics and Computer Science (EDI) visited the ISSP UL. During the visit, the management of EDI was introduced to the state-of-the-art laboratories and infrastructure upgraded within the scope of the CAMART2 project. The guests gained practical skills on entering the cleanrooms and learned about the operation and specific equipment available there. Visitors also took a tour of the Laboratory of Spectroscopy, Laboratory of Chemical Technology, and Laboratory of Thin Films.

After the tour, EDI Director M. Greitāns briefly talked about EDI research directions, opportunities, and projects. During the discussion, EDI guests were introduced to various projects carried out at the ISSP UL, for example, Organ-on-a-Chip, OLED, and Optical Sensors. At the end of the visit, the guests and the Director of the ISSP UL, Dr.phys. Andris Anspoks and the leading researcher Dr.phys. Dmitry Bocharov discussed scientific ideas exchange and cooperation opportunities in the preparation of joint projects.