Dr. Pauls Stradiņš gives significant insights on photovoltaics research during a seminar at the ISSP UL

On July 4, the leading researcher and a project manager at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) (Golden, Colorado, USA), Dr. Pauls Stradiņš, held a seminar at the ISSP UL on his research and achievements in photovoltaics. He is the author of 238 scientific publications; his Hirsch index is 33. A visit to the ISSP UL laboratories followed the seminar.

Dr. Pauls Stradiņš developed his doctoral thesis and obtained his degree at the Institute of Physics of the Latvian Academy of Sciences. Currently, he is a project manager, the core of which lies within the High-Efficiency Crystalline Materials Photovoltaics group. In addition, it involves theory, analytical microscopy, and atomic layer deposition.

The main Dr. Stradiņš research directions:

  • Nanostructured semiconductor materials for photovoltaics: quantum dots (Si), nanowires, "black" silicon, improved light-receiving structures.
  • Layered silicon photovoltaics: epitaxial growth and defect formation mechanisms, device physics, light sensing.
  • Thin-film silicon photovoltaics and disordered silicon physics: light-induced structural changes, defects, hydrogen.

More about Pauls Stradiņš on the NREL webpage.