CAMART2 Consortium management meeting

CAMART2 Consortium management meeting was organized in Kista, Sweden, on February 1-2, 2023. The event gathered the CAMART2 Steering committee, project management, Work packages leaders, project leadership and experts of Swedish partners KTH and RISE.

The ISSP UL was represented by eight project leaders: the Director of the institute, Dr.phys. Andris Anspoks, Deputy Director for Sciences, Dr.habil.phys. Andris Šternbergs, CAMART2 project manager, Dr.phys. Mārtiņš Rutkis, Dr.phys. Anatolijs Šarakovkis, Andris Ozoliņš, Jānis Latvels, Alfs Raudis, and Ģirts Ozoliņš.

Further processes in the project’s two last years’ phase were discussed. Project leaders overviewed and analyzed the progress of the year 2022 and plans for 2023 were outlined for all work packages. The greatest focus was on the work packages responsible for the long-term sustainability of the ISSP UL activities and Consortium collaboration beyond the project, namely collaborations in science, innovation and industry relations development.

Ideas of common demonstrators were shared and decided upon, and the planned visits between partners were discussed. Relevant talks on strategic collaborations were held with the management representatives of RISE - Maryam Olsson and Sjoerd Haasl, and of KTH - Mikael Östling. Beyond joint management meetings, parallel meetings on particular scientific topics were arranged, and ISSP UL representatives could exchange experiences with KTH Innovation.

On the second day of the CAMART2 Consortium meeting, the focus shifted to innovation activities. Several meetings were held between ISSP UL CAMART2 project leaders and KTH and RISE representatives on the process and experience in the partners’ organizations concerning the procurement process and best practices to be adopted by ISSP. Participants learned about good experiences regarding the use of the frame and general process arrangements. Practical insights from KTH and RISE scientists and a visit to the Electrum lab proved to be a valuable addition to the discussions.

Overall, the CAMART2 meeting was a productive and informative event that allowed the ISSP UL team to review their progress, develop plans for the future, and collaborate with their partners. The meeting demonstrated the importance of communication, coordination, and collaboration in materials science and engineering and highlighted the value of building relationships with other players in the innovation ecosystem.