A Step Closer to the Top event celebrates academic excellence at the ISSP UL

On September 28, the ISSP UL marked a significant milestone with its fifth annual celebration, "A Step Closer to the Top." The event, dedicated to honoring the achievements of scientific and academic degree recipients and their supervisors, has become a cherished tradition within the institute.

This year’s ceremony acknowledged the accomplishments of nineteen degree recipients, including three doctors of sciences, seven masters, and nine bachelors. The event highlighted the individual successes and underscored the academic community’s collective achievement at ISSP UL.

The roots of this celebration trace back to July 27, 2019, when ISSP UL senior expert Laura Kalniņa initiated the idea. Reflecting on the genesis of the event, Kalniņa shared, "I wrote an email to former ISSP UL scientific secretary, Līga Grīnberga, and deputy director for education, Anatolijs Šarakovskis. We agreed that we would hold an institute-wide event in September with the director’s participation, honoring that year’s university graduates (degree holders) and their supervisors.”

The event’s inspirational phrase, "The man who moved the mountain started with small stones," attributed to Confucius, set the tone for the occasion. Over the years, this sentiment has retained its relevance and significance, embodying the journey of each degree recipient at the ISSP UL.

Notably, the event has evolved beyond merely celebrating individual achievements. Many of the colleagues honored in the first event five years ago have now taken on roles as supervisors, guiding and shaping the next generation of researchers.

"A Step Closer to the Top" is a testament to the institute’s commitment to academic excellence and the continuous growth of its academic community. With nearly 100 academic and scientific degree holders celebrated over the past five years, the event stands as a symbol of collective progress and a stepping stone towards greater heights in the pursuit of knowledge.