The ISSP UL’s 40th Scientific Conference highlights advances in solid-state physics

The 40th Scientific Conference of the ISSP UL, held from March 5th to 7th as part of the 82nd Scientific Conference of the University of Latvia, was a platform for 43 speakers from various ISSP UL laboratories to delve into different aspects of solid-state physics. The attendees engaged in lively discussions and presentations on key themes such as Optical Materials, Organic Materials, Materials for Energy Applications, Micro and Nanofabrication, Structure and Morphology, Theory and Modeling, Thin Films and Coatings, Nanomaterials, and Devices and Prototypes.

The conference served as a melting pot of knowledge and collaboration, embodying the multidisciplinary essence of research at the ISSP UL. Researchers, students, and attendees immersed themselves in engaging discussions, anticipating the latest advancements, and contributing to the collective progress of the field.

Year after year, the ISSP UL’s Scientific Conference stands as a testament to the institute’s commitment to sharing research achievements, fostering collaboration, and nurturing the presentation skills of students and young scientists. It remains a platform for information exchange, networking opportunities, and the cultivation of a vibrant scientific community dedicated to pushing the boundaries of knowledge and innovation.