Representatives of Digital Accelerator of Latvia visit ISSP UL

On August 1, representatives of the European Union project Digital Accelerator of Latvia (DAoL) visited the ISSP UL. During the visit, the director of the ISSP UL, Dr. phys. Andris Anspoks provided the guests with the opportunity to learn about the ISSP UL work and the implemented projects, such as organ-on-a-chip, smart buoy, and the development of various modern sensors.

The DAoL project was created to promote digital transformation and innovation in Latvian companies and the public sector, improve the competitiveness of Latvian companies and the quality of public sector services through new digital solutions, and increase investment in information and communication technology research and development.

The first 3-year goals of the project, or the new European Digital Innovation Center (EDIC), are to create a fully functional EDIC, support at least 3,500 end-beneficiaries, invest 6.7 million euros in digital transformation, and attract at least 2.4m end-beneficiaries for support from others financial sources.

The project involves 20 partners, providing access to extensive research and technological expertise and support for business and innovation. The consortium has four partners with experience in digital innovation centers, three leading and three regional Latvian universities, and innovative NGOs with long-term experience in supporting high-tech and green tech and regional and technological development. The DAoL provides access to the latest digital skills and supports product innovation.