ISSP UL’s Materize platform receives the Latvian Defense and Security Industries of the Year Award

On March 6, the Federation of Security and Defence Industries of Latvia (FSDI Latvia) hosted the annual "Latvian Defense and Security Industries of the Year Award" ceremony. This event honored organizations that have made significant contributions to national and international safety and security in the defense and security industries.

Among the distinguished recipients was ISSP UL’s platform for connecting industry with science Materize, established in the scope of the Camart project. On behalf of Materize, Olga Bogdanova, its sales director, received the award for "Research partnership of the defense sector and industry" in the category “Partnership”. Materize received recognition for its significant role in fostering research partnerships between academic institutions and the defense sector. Materize’s efforts have demonstrated the value of collaboration in advancing defense capabilities and addressing emerging security challenges.

The event underscored the importance of collaboration between academia, industry, and government in driving innovation and progress in the defense sector. Through collaborative projects and initiatives, participants have successfully translated scientific research into practical solutions that enhance national security and defense capabilities.

The award ceremony acknowledged the achievements of organizations, educational institutions, and individuals who have demonstrated excellence in various aspects of the defense and security industries. Each recipient has contributed significantly to strengthening Latvia’s defense and security landscape from technological innovations to research advancements.

In her acceptance speech, Olga Bogdanova expressed gratitude for the recognition and reaffirmed her commitment to continued cooperation between the Institute of Solid State Physics and the defense sector. She emphasized the importance of sustained collaboration in driving ongoing advancements and effectively addressing evolving security challenges.

The "Latvian Defense and Security Industries of the Year Award 2024" ceremony highlighted the vital role of collaboration and innovation in safeguarding national interests and enhancing security. As Latvia continues to navigate complex geopolitical landscapes, events like these remind everyone of the collective efforts required to ensure a safe and secure future.

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