ISSP UL hosts quantum physics workshop

On May 30, the workshop "From fundamental quantum physics to technologies - what can be accomplished in the Latvian quantum initiative?" was held at the ISSP UL.

During the event, a professor of theoretical physics at the University of Latvia, Ph.D. Vyacheslav Kascheev, showed the presentation "Optical Quantum Technologies", reminding the audience about what quantum devices are and what are the principles of their operation. Including what these devices can and cannot do.

The workshop was followed by a discussion among the participants about what we can do better than before with the help of quantum devices. After the discussion, the Quantum Technologies Initiative” project meeting was held.

The Latvian Quantum Initiative brings together Latvia’s leading scientists and teaching staff in the field of quantum technologies with the aim of supporting knowledge, skills, technologies and ideas related to practical applications of quantum physics. This initiative is a part of European and global efforts to develop and apply a range of technologies based on quantum phenomena that will bring revolutionary changes in computing, communications, and sensor technologies.

The activities of the Latvian Quantum Initiative are aimed at enhancing the competence of Latvia and all partners involved, increasing global competitiveness, promoting international recognition, international cooperation with other world-leading research institutions and educating young professionals. One of the results of the Latvian Quantum Initiative will be educated specialists familiar with the technologies of the future, which is why, using all their competencies and capabilities, the partners of the Initiative are involved in establishing quantum technology studies and the improvement of existing study programmes.

About ISSP UL’s participation in the Latvian Quantum Initiative.

For more information about the Latvian Quantum Initiative, visit the quantumlativa webpage.