Āgenskalns State Gymnasium’s students explore scientific frontiers at the ISSP UL

In early February, 12th-grade students from Āgenskalns State Gymnasium visited the ISSP UL to get acquainted with the institute’s achievements, scientific activities, and daily operations.

During the visit, Andris Anspoks, the ISSP UL director, provided an overview presentation of the institute. The students were given tours of various laboratories, including the Micro and Nanodevices Laboratory, the Laboratory of Optical Materials, the Laboratory of Spectroscopy, and the Energy Materials Laboratory.

The ISSP UL has a history of offering engaging excursions to students, providing them with firsthand exposure to the work of scientists, experiments, and equipment. These experiences aim to demonstrate the practical applications of physics and inspire interest in scientific careers.

The visit to the ISSP UL provided valuable insights into the practical aspects of physics and scientific research. Through engaging presentations and laboratory tours, Āgenskalns State Gymnasium students gained a better understanding of the institute’s work and the opportunities available in the field of physics. Future events and programs offer further avenues for exploration and learning.

Students interested in further exploring ISSP UL were encouraged to participate in upcoming events such as RTU’s "Career Day 2024" and the Latvian Physics Festival. Additionally, applications for Job Shadow Day 2024 at the ISSP UL offer an opportunity to gain insights into the workday of physicists.